Wednesday, September 09, 2009


it is probably one of my all-time favorite things to receive a little something in the mail. i remember when i was little, living in arizona, i was the designated "mail retriever." i don't know why; probably because i got the most excitement out of it compared to any other member of my family. i would always forget to put on my shoes so the cement would burn my little toes as i ran to our mailbox, key in hand. not many people mail letters to a six-year-old girl, but when i did get something, i was happier than ever.

same holds true for today. {except for the fact that the mail man occasionally delivers unwanted bills with my name written on the envelope...} the past few days however, he has brought nothing undesirable--quite the opposite actually.

first, i received these adorable hand-made shoes from my cousin's wife, jessica. i have no idea how someone even BEGINS to go about making a pair of baby shoes...but these definitely turned out super cute. thank you jess for being so thoughtful and thinking of us!! we LOVE them.

and just yesterday i got another little goodie in the mail from this sweet girl, marie. a while back she did a give-away on her blog...and i was the winner! i got to pick out an adorable t-shirt {hand designed/sewn by marie} and boy was i excited to see this package from the post man. isn't it CUTE???

thanks to both of you for being so sweet and sending me such fun goodies in the mail!
it made my week.

p.s. happy 9-9-09! make a wish at 9:09 a.m. it'll only come around once!


  1. I guess you got it! haha I just emailed you. Glad you like it!
    Ps. those shoes are darling!

  2. That shirt....those SHOES!??? You are one lucky future mommy. Totally watching a baby story on tlc and the poor woman had to get a SECOND epidural because the first didn't work. WTF. SERIOUSLY?!:?!??!! If that happens to me I will raise hell. Don't you worry. LOVE U

  3. Hey! I'm glad you get as excited about getting something in the mail as I do :) Packages are just the best!

    Glad you like the shoes!