Monday, September 14, 2009

{jon schmidt}

last saturday was practically perfect. i got to spend the evening with my husband, while listening to jon schmidt perform his amazing songs, all while being surrounded by {man-made} waterfalls at thanksgiving point. not bad, huh?

i got the tickets for danny and i to {continue} celebrating our anniversary. the show started at seven, so we left provo around 5:40. we were NOT expecting it to be even half as crowded as it was!! it took about twenty-thirty minutes to get to thanksgiving point just from the freeway exit! it was insane. once we were out of our car, we had to stand in a line that was foreverrrrr long {see pictures below...}

it was all well worth it though. we made it into the waterfall amphitheater at about 7:10 and jon didn't come out until quarter to 8 because they still hadn't gotten everyone through the gates yet. some band went before him...they were a little crazy...but it was fun.

i've never been to one of his concerts before, but danny has, and he definitely did not disappoint! who would have ever thought a piano player could be so entertaining?? i didn't! yeah, in the picture below he is playing up-side down. his latest song, love story meets love story {a remix of taylor swift's song} is a definite fav of mine. and he played it twice! not only that, but when he played his song "waterfall," they turned on all of the waterfalls behind was pretty sweet. he is one incredibly talented man though, along with his cello player. holy cow.

we didn't want to have to sit in traffic for an hour after the concert, so we stayed and read a little catching fire. can't you just see how excited danny is to read that book?? yeah, it's that good. for any of you harry potter fans out there, read this. {i know i've already recommended this book TWICE on my blog...if you're smart, you'll go get it!}

thank you sweetheart, for making date night so fantastic! i love you.


  1. You to are A-DOR-ABLE. Seriously. I wish you lived closer. Hurts my heart just a tad. But nonetheless (is that a word?) I love reading about your adventures. You look SO GOOD for being due in 2 weeks. I am carrying SO high that my ribcage is totally bruised and everytime I laugh, sneeze, or sit really, my ribs hurt! Lameo. Hope you are feeling well. Keep me posted.

  2. ew. just noticed that I said, "you to are..." instead of "You TWO..." Geez don't let danny read my comment and think I'm an idiot!

  3. Steve and I were totally at that concert too...wasn't it amazing? I love his music...playing it and seeing him perform was great. Too bad we didn't see you in the MASSIVE crowds!

  4. How fun....he is such an amazingly talented person huh? Happy anniversary by the way:)