Saturday, November 14, 2009

the many faces of max

dang he is sweet! max is finding out he has a face, and he is trying to use it to tell mom and dad what he wants. you try and figure these faces out and then let us know what the heck he is trying to say! ps he hates uncle aaron's pet rat that is glued to his chin, hence the screaming. word. try beating me in an arm wrestle again punk!

for the record: he recently ate a ding dong and it went straight to his chin! he is now on a diet.

i swear he usually knows who i am.

holy moly did you see that?! he climbed up my leg, scampered up my massive chest, shimmied across my muscular arms, and perched himself in the palm of my hand...dang!


  1. Wow. If your baby can do all of that at just over a month old, I can't wait to see what he's like at a year.

    Danny, you're hilarious.

  2. I love it when Danny funny!!

    My fav face is the one looking at Danny like Who...ARE YOU!? He is getting so big!!