Tuesday, November 03, 2009

wonder baby

our baby is cooler than yours.
{straight from the mouth of danny}

and this is why:


yeah, he's five weeks old. that's it. he's a wonder baby. just imagine what he is going to be doing at ten weeks!!


  1. WOW! I gasped! He is a wonder baby. That's insane. Really. Tell Danny that he is right and that your baby is totally cooler than my babies will ever be. :) Congrats guys, you've totally got a soccer player (or body builder) in the making. :)

  2. A) false, we have a picture of you
    B) deduce this, you are a rogue blog commenter, leaving hate comments wherever you go (caleb will back me up). you're out of control mckinley and the time for honoring you will soon end
    C) yes, that was a quote from Gladiator

  3. wow! he is a strong baby!! i think you got your hands full.

  4. Oh my goodness. You guys better watch your backs!! He's a little worker!

  5. You're baby is cooler than mine...currently. But watch out when I pop one out. haha, JK!! This is way awesome

  6. Oh honey, if this is what he is like at 5 weeks I can only imagine what he was doing in your tummy just a few short weeks ago. You know those legs didn't learn to move like that overnight! Whew.

  7. hey jessie! im a bit late here, but congrats on max! hes amazing and you seem really happy! hope he doesnt grow up too fast!-amanda west