Thursday, May 06, 2010


wow. the past few weeks have been a blurrrrrrrrr.

seriously, life has been so crazy. with danny commuting to nephi on a daily basis, and me taking classes every day {have i mentioned that i've been taking classes--with NO break--since fall 2008????} i have had absolutely no time to give this blog a little tlc.

but i've resolved to do better. partly because i count this as my journal, and partly because i'm sure you are all dying to know what has been going on under our roof. huh?? :)

anyways. yesterday i had an assignment due for my home & family living class. we had to create a family mission statement. and since i'm so pleased with how it turned out...i thought i'd let you all take a look-see. {almost all credit goes to the amazing alma loveland} however, i did put a lot of my own thought into it as well.

and get excited for many more catch-up posts to come.


  1. Dear Jessie,
    You need a break my friend. School is not that important and you should just drop out. ;)Also, I love your family mission statement. It's absolutely adorable!

  2. i love love LOVE your mission statement. totally motivating me to get one ourselves. now if only i could make it look as cute as yours......