Wednesday, May 05, 2010

an official coug

it's official. daniel scott is now a graduate of byu. wait, let me back up a bit. he was a graduate in december but as of a few weeks ago he is an official i-sat-through-three-hours-of-commencement-graduate. apparently his specific college is one of the largest that byu has. was a looooooong ceremony. but it was worth it {i think he would agree with me}. i know i'm glad he walked, because now i don't have too!

it really was nice though. danny's parents + my parents were able to come support danny and max did great {even if we did have to feed him two jars of baby food during the ceremony!}

danny was the third to the last to walk, and we all decided it would be best to take off before closing remarks. by the three hour mark we had all had enough. we took some pictures in his graduation gown and then went up to salt lake with danny's family to celebrate at tepanyaki. i love that place. the food was delicious and our chef was hilarious.

here are some pics from the big day:

we couldn't have done it without them:

or them:

our soon to be college grad:
{he was excited to see dad finish up too!}

and me. the even sooner to be college grad! six classes to go, to be exact!

yay for school! thanks again to all of you who have helped us through. college can be tough, but so SO worth it. {can you tell i'm trying to convince myself?!} hah. but really though, thanks again! we love you. {you know who you are.}


  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations Danny! and yes jessie- you are so close. and i PROMISE it'll be worth it (yeah i might be trying to convince myself the same thing...;)! Thanks again for lunch- it was delish!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy for you guys. I'm SUPER jealous you only have 6 classes to go. I've got about 10 or so, but who knows when I'll be able to jump back in. Max will probably end up beating me. :)

  3. ahem....I couldn't have done it without you either!!!!!!!! I love you Jess!

    It is so worth it to walk. I'm so happy I did it. Max is ADORABLE!