Tuesday, July 20, 2010

z is for zoo

a few days ago we ventured out to the hogle zoo. it has been a looooong time since i've been there! {jenny, i'm pretty sure the last time i went was with you. good times!} but we had such a blast! max definitely had his favorite animals {the turtles and the giraffes} and he was such a trooper considering the fact that it was about 800 degrees outside. we met up with our friends ryan, kim, and mckay and spent a good chunk of the afternoon watching the crazy animals.

the highlight of the trip {for me at least!} was little baby zuri, the brand new elephant. ahhh. who knew elephants could be so adorable?? she was pushing around a big ball and a plastic swimming pool the whole time we saw her.

{can you see baby zuri?? she's hiding in the shadows, to the left of the red ball...}

after all of the zoo adventures, we went to draper and swam in kim + clay's parent's pool. they were so nice to let us swim even though they weren't even there with us! it felt sooo nice to swim after a hot day at the zoo and both of the little boys LOVED it.

max has got some serious splashing abilities. to say he loves to swim would be an understatement. we sure do love the summertime!


  1. Did youguys plannnnn to match at the zoo?? That is seriously a photo in a magazine. You guys are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Max is turning into a little boy! I love seeing him grow up. So precious.

    It would be a funny day to bring both Max and Brinley to the pool. Brinley splashes so much she gets mad because it gets into her face!!!!!! Hilarious!

  2. I looooooove the zoo. Really, it's only a few notches down from Disney Land in my book. (and I'm not being sarcastic at all. I LOVE it!) I'm sad I can't go this summer, but have already made plans for next summer. :)

    The picture of all three of you is adorable. Please print it out and frame it.


  3. I cannot wait to see you and Max in a week!! I remember that time we went to the zoo, probably because I have SO many pictures of us there that day! Good times.