Tuesday, October 05, 2010

partay partay!

our little chunk turned ONE a week ago today. it is amazing how quickly the year has gone by. when max was born, it seems that everyone would say, "they grow up way too fast" and we would smile and think to ourselves, maybe for you...but not our child!
but now, here i am, being the mom that says, "he is growing wayyy too fast!!"
it is really crazy to me to think back to life before max was born. what did we do with all of our time?!? but i also can't imagine our lives going any other way.
max has given our lives so much more meaning, and he really brings a special light into our home. i don't know what i would do if i couldn't see his ultra-cheesy smile every day and see him attempting to walk {yes, he is on the verge of walking. he takes multiple steps at a time until he realizes that he isn't holding onto anything.}
for his birthday, we traveled up north to celebrate with both sides of the family. our first stop: layton. we were able to attend sam + penny's wedding {which was absolutely beautiful!} and then had parties galore with danny's fam. he got spoiled rotten by all of his aunts + uncles + grandparents and thanks to his cousin julia, learned how to successfully unwrap his gifts. we waited a little too long to give him cake, so he was quite grumpy, but he did manage to stick his foot in the cake which was probably equally as fun!

{he wasn't sure what to think when he saw the green crocodile staring out at him from the bag...it was pretty funny! but now he loves it...thanks fini + tim!}
{the birthday boy + girl! kristina's birthday is just a few days before max's}
sunday {on his actual birthday} we spent the day with my family where he got just as spoiled. we made the famous dino cake and ate way too much good food.

we are so blessed to have such wonderful family members who love max with all of their hearts. we love you guys! and so does max.


  1. MAX. Famous dino cake?? Does that need its own special blog tribute??

  2. BIG BOY!!!! Sounds like he had a blast celebrating with so many loved ones. He is SUCH A CUTE BOY with those big eyes and smile. We miss you guys. Happy Birthday MAX!!!

  3. Happy first birthday Max!! I can't believe it's been a whole year, time really does fly!

  4. aww thats so fun!! im glad you didn't spend his birthday alone in nephi hehe, i really can't believe that he is one!! way to go you guys!!

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! They are so fun. Every stage seems to be my favorite. I am sure that will change at about the pre-teen age.