Tuesday, October 05, 2010

one year older, and wiser too...

happy birthday, to YOU!

last tuesday i took max to his one year check-up. he passed with flying colors!

length: 29.5 inches--41.94 percentile
weight: 18.21 pounds--2.03 percentile
head circumference: 18.3 inches--54.17 percentile

so...he may or may not still be in the second percentile but the doc isn't too concerned. since his head and body are growing, he is pretty sure it's all just genetics.

some of max's favorite things include:

.walking while holding onto our finger.
.playing with the bike pump.
.taking the magnets on and off the fridge.
.being extreeemly clingy to his parents.
.peeking out the front window so he can see the neighbors dogs, charlie + ralphie.
.being the pickiest eater on the planet.
{any ideas on what to feed our teeny tiny boy???}
.flipping through his favorite books, including 'bear snores on' and 'goodnight moon'.
.club crackers.
.playing peek-a-boo and clapping.
.pulling every single tupperware out of the drawer and flinging it on the kitchen floor.

we love you maxwell! thanks for being such a wonderful son, and making this past year the best we've ever known. love you! xoxo.
{below are pictures of the past year in review. it is crazy how much he has grown!!}

{meeting our sweet baby boy for the very first time.}

{just a few days old!}

{around one month}

{baby's first halloween}

{thanksgiving 2009}

{merry christmas!}

{jan 2010...he's grown into his eyes a little more since then...:)}

{feb 2010. he found his toes!}

{march 2010, looking good in his new sunday attire!}

{april 2010. lovin that stroller bar! so nice and cushioned!}

{may 2010}

{june 2010 at aaron + missy's wedding}

{july 2010. george family reunion}

{august 2010 thanksgiving point}

{september 2010. birthday month in his birthday suit!}


  1. cute boy! we miss you guys! (by the way, my sister, laura, just had a baby boy yesterday . . . named him maxwell.)

  2. We love you Maxwell!!!!

    It has floooown by. I remember when I told you I was pregnant and you go...I'm 13 weeks. hahahaha I love you Jess. We've been through A LOT together and I am so grateful to have you (even if you live in Nephi...only 2500 miles away...tear). Thank goodness for our little kiddos! Heres to year 2...oh my goodness....walking, talking, running, understanding, learning...ooo man.

    Love you guys!

  3. I forgot he was ever that tiny! Oh how I love that little boy. I remember getting the text saying that you had just had him and now he's a year old! Such an adorable little boy.

  4. this is so cute!! =)) hurrah for being a year old already!! that's so crazy!

    p.s. i think i'm in the playgroup you used to be in because you're in the email group. too bad you still don't live here!

  5. Happy Birthday little maxamillion! :) We miss you guys!

  6. p.s. I hate your blog header talents! BOOOOO Why can't my blog be practically perfect in every way?!

  7. Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!

    Love and miss you guys!!