Thursday, December 09, 2010

rice krispie love

it is a rare occurrence that i make treats around here. i have no idea why...because i LOVE treats but ask danny, and he'll tell you that treats hardly ever pop up in our kitchen {unless they are from our neighbors! hint, hint!}

so, the other night, danny took matters into his own hands and made the treats himself! he had lots of help from his side-kick maximillion, and i may have even helped out a little as well.

the rice krispies turned out a little hard...
{ok, they were ROCK hard...but that's besides the point.}

we had a great time and the rock-hard krispies made for some delicious rice krispie cereal.

oh, and aren't these pictures adorable?? i have some seriously good-looking boys in my life :)


  1. no longer have a baby. You have a kid. Look at him standing there like it's no big deal! I have a hard time believing that he's over a year old.

  2. max looks way too grown up.

    and i'm glad to see danny's eye is back to normal!

    we would LOVE to see you while you're here! We still have your skookies!!

  3. such cute boys. Your grandma taught me the perfect way to always get soft rice crispie treats. Use the smaller marshmellows and use low heat to melt them slowly. Does the trick every time.