Tuesday, January 04, 2011


i must say, danny's parents completely surprised me for christmas.

i told them that a sewing machine was on my "wish list" but there were plenty of other things on our wish list for the new baby + max, so i wasn't even hoping that a brand new sewing machine would be wrapped up with my name on it.
{ok, i might have been hoping a little bit, but they weren't realistic hopes :)}

...little did i know...

it was such a fun surprise to get something that i wanted and they even surprised danny! it was great. after a bunch of research and looking through reviews, i decided to upgrade to the brother innov-is 40, and i am so. so. so. excited about it. i have been finding tons of cute patterns on-line and i have quite a few ideas swirling about in my little head.

ever since my friend dayna's post on adorable baby shoes {check it} i have been dying to make some of my own. i've been drooling over these patterns from joyfolie and can't wait to get to the fabric store so i can whip up some of these beauties. so i don't leave max out, i better make a pair of these {or two or three...} and these little open-toed shoes are right up my alley.

oh, and i'm pretty sure these barrette's are the cutest things i have ever seen. i'm trying to figure out exactly how they stick on a babies head...is it just velcro? {i don't have much experience with hair accessories...}

homemade by jill is a personal favorite, and the ruffle leggings that she made for her little girl are amazing. my daughter needs some. little baby girl also needs some of these. i can't believe how cute every single headband is. seriously, homemade by jill is amazing.

aside from baby things, i am working on a master bedroom makeover {since it is desperately in need!} and my good friend brittany brought to my attention this beautiful quilt. we are going to tackle it one of these days in the very near future. i couldn't be more excited.

as you can tell, i am stoked about my christmas present. {thanks again mom + dad!!}
we are going to organize the
downstairs bedroom and turn it into my little crafting/sewing room. right now it is a complete disaster, but not for long.

it has been so much fun looking around the internet for ideas + patterns, but i'm sure i've skipped over a bunch. do you have any patterns that you can't live without??


  1. Um wow. I love all of those things. I've made several headbands for the girls, but they've always been too big. Maybe one day my kids will have a head above the 10th percentile. :)

    Oh and I still need to check with Brooke and Jess on a date to do the quilt. It must be within the next week or two. I'm dying in my ugly bedding. (ok, it's not ugly, but still...)

  2. SO fun!

    YOu totally deserve a sewing machine! I have so many ideas in my head but no funds to make it happen! So...my sewing machine is gathering dust...prob until law school is over...boooooooo I HATE BEING IN SCHOOL!!!! ahhh

    Merry Christmas! Love you guys!!!

  3. no. no. no. This is danny, yeah your husband, and no you cannot make all those things. way too girly. unless me and max get an xbox. love you

  4. WHY don't we live closer?! I wanna have sewing/craft parties! I have had a sewing machine sitting in it's box for practically 9 years! I've used my mom's and the ones at BYU, but I have been DYING to have more room so I can use mine more.

  5. ...although I just looked up your sewing machine, and I'm not sure mine can keep up! :)

  6. Jessie! I got a new sewing machine for Christmas too! It's a Brother, but the runway series. I didn't do any research but it seems good!

    So, let's team up on some girly projects. I have been waiting for one of my friends to have a girl so we can make stuff together! We can go in on patterns and materials together...and it's just good to be working on the same project with someone because it is more motivating! I have been wanting to make shoes for Ellie ever since I saw some at Bijou Market.

    Yay! And Danny, you better just brace yourself for lots of girly things because Jessie is a crafty crafter!

  7. im a huge quilter with my sewing machine. you have to check out heather ross fabrics, seriously im OBSESSED. I have been hoarding all her fabric to make stuff for my future children. i just bought the the cutest quilt book, ill have to check the name of it when i get home and get back to you. enjoy!

  8. Holy moly- I have a feeling you are going to be pumping out some serious amazing crafts/goods. I can't wait to see what you make!!!!

    And........ is it true that I might get to see you tomorrow????? I CAN'T WAIT!!!