Saturday, January 01, 2011

ring it in

i am still in shock that it is already 2011.
2010 flew by.
but what a wonderful year it was!

some highlights include:
getting hired to teach seminary!!
moving to nephi
buying our first little home
finding out we would be welcoming a little girl into our family!

as awesome as 2010 was, i am thrilled that it is a brand new year.
we've got a lot to look forward to...and even more that we don't know about yet!

i'm excited about:
finally graduating from BYU
becoming a mother of TWO
learning how to use my NEW sewing machine!
{merry christmas to me!!}
becoming a better wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter/neighbor/person

happy new year!!

p.s. we just returned from a week-long christmas vaycay with our families. i have a lot to write's a little overwhelming :) however, we had a fabulous break! more to come, soon.

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  1. i got a sewing machine too!!! Craft day for us!!