Monday, February 07, 2011


over the weekend i was able to attend time out for women up in ogden, utah.
it was fantastic.

my friend lori invited me to go with her mom & sister and i am so glad that she did! it started friday night {from 6:30-9:30} and then we came back for a full day on saturday {9-4}.

the speakers they had lined up were great; my favorites were virginia hinckley pearce, john hilton III, and kris belcher--her story of becoming blind was extremely humbling and made me so grateful for my healthy body. we take so much for granted! she talked about how she has to "glue on" her silicone eye-patch every morning and about her five surgeries in five months...with two little kids at home. it was incredible to hear her talk about her challenges...and to top it all off, she was hilarious! i want to be like her.

all in all, it was a great weekend. lori's husband is another seminary teacher at juab with danny, and lori and i talked about how our husbands seem to always be on a spiritual high, and we're just...not. so this event was a great rejuvenation and a reminder to me to try every day to be just a little better than the day before.

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  1. That sounds great! So, you were asking how the quilt making is's going pretty good, I have done some, haha. :) I'm hoping it will turn out cuz so far it's hard to see how it will. Oh, and I saw your comment on Britt's blog about sheets...I got mine at Target cuz I wanted a different type, and they were the same just so you know, the ikea ones are good, but you can use whatever.