Friday, April 15, 2011

our newest family heirloom

i've been trying to get a bunch of projects finished before baby A arrives...this particular project has been in the works for the last {ahem...} year!!!

but it is finally {almost} all the way finished!
{i just need to serge all of the edges, and sew a cover for it all. let's hope those two things don't take me another year to accomplish!}

so, without further ado, i present to you...


and because i have literally been working on it for the last year, and i am very proud of it, here are close up pictures of each page:

red: animal finger puppets

orange: fishies with snaps

yellow: flowers with buttons

green: tent with zipper
fire also velcro's on + off and makes a little crackly sound
{i sewed in a sun chips bag!}

blue: mailbox with mail!
{i want to include a little pad of paper + crayons, so they can write messages to each other}

purple: grapes with velcro

pink: ice cream scoops with little hooks

white: rocket that shoots up and down

black: telephone with magnetic receiver
{i'm planning on getting rub-on letters for the little yellow buttons. the numbers spin too!}

my friend jenny and i basically designed + planned the entire book on our own, so that definitely added to the overall amount of time put into the book. we wanted each page to feature something different and somehow, we were able to figure that out! i'm super pleased with the outcome! i just hope my children enjoy it as much as i do :)

it better be in the family for a lllllooooonnnnggg time.


  1. Ah! It turned out amazing!! Guaruntee I won't finish mine until my children (that I don't have) are like grown ups. SoOO cute. You are amazing.

  2. That is so adorable and creative! Your kids will love it.

  3. SOOO CUTE!!! My mom made quiet books for each sibling and Brinley has been in LOVE with it. She did a page of Noah's ark with some animals within a zipper and it is seriously the highlight during sacrament meeting. It's a great thing to have!

    Definitely don't think I'd be patient enough to do it myself, but I'm glad my mom was!!! :-)

  4. This is so darling. i love it. You should sell these. It basically defines perfection in a Quiet Book!

  5. Uber impressed. You continue to amaze me!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. These are SO DARLING!! You should totally sell that pattern--you could be a millionaire!!

    Love it. (And you had design help from an engineer?? You guys are TOO awesome.)