Thursday, May 05, 2011

avery's first photo shoot

our friend lori gave us a free newborn photo session as a gift.
what a great gift, huh?? we have the best neighbors.

it was a little hectic
{five small children in a little bedroom with lots of expensive camera lens sitting around...}
but somehow we got a few good pictures :)

avery wasn't being super cooperative, so that also made it a little difficult, and i forgot her cute headband that i made!! :(
but overall, i'm pretty pleased with how they turned out:

we love you avery mae!!


  1. So many posts, love it! So glad we got to "see" you guys the other night, can't wait for more catch up this summer. B-e-a-utiful family.

  2. She is precious Jess! Even if you did forget the headband... she's still adorable!

  3. Whoa. She looks like Danny in these!