Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oreo time with daddy

i don't exactly know what was going on in these pictures since i was feeding avery...
but i'm pretty sure that they speak for themselves.

my boys are absolutely crazy.

but i love them both with all of my heart.

favorite parts in this video include:
max making his cheesy smile for milliseconds at a time
max "lapping" his milk from his bowl...he sounds like a little puppy!
and his goodbye at the end

enjoy! and while you're at it, go find yourself some oreo's.
they do the body good :)


  1. I can not keep up with all these posts! You rock! Caleb and I feel so famous to have made the oh so famous McKinley blog. It was so fun to see your cute home and your little family. Jessie your kids are the cutest. Max is super smart. And you are such a good mom! Seeing you guys makes me excited to one day be a mom. And Avery is gorgeous. I'm so happy for you guys and I hope we get to see you guys sometime again this summer!! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Oh he is sooo cute Jessie! He is getting soo big! Love these pictures. And I love that cheesy grin.

  3. I would DEFINATELY keep my eyes on these two if I were you! Hope to play with Max again soon!!