Thursday, May 19, 2011

thursday night ramblings

i think if i see another rain drop i am going to pack my bags and head south. seriously, this is ridiculous. today, the temperature was 38 degrees. it's may nineteenth. not cool.

i just started playing around on pinterest, and i am slightly addicted. i've found wayyyy too many fun craft ideas + DIY am i ever going to get anything done??

i have been reading like a mad woman the past few weeks for my children's literature class. my brain hurts sometimes from all of the reading. i have read some amazing books though
{post on recommendations to come!}

i am 99.9% sure we are switching over to cloth diapers. not just any cloth diapers though.
gDiapers. i must say, i'm excited.

we are planting our garden this weekend!! {fingers crossed!} our growboxes have been patiently waiting in our garage for the past few weeks. now that our gigantic overgrown tree is officially removed from our yard, we can get things rolling!

sometimes i forget how trashy people can be. today i was reminded. did you see this on the news today?? yeah...i'm going to pretend we don't live here.

the trading post has gone on vacation for the summer. since i'm trying to graduate by august {ahhh!!!} and i'm still trying to adjust to the whole "being a mother of two" thing, it just was way more stressful than it was fun. but hopefully that will change when that diploma is in my hands :)

we are planning a trip to lake tahoe/san francisco over the summer.

oh, and lastly, here's a little video of miss. avery the dare devil:


  1. Any friend of Meagan's is a friend of mine! Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to offer my ramblings on your living room. Email me some pics and details at jmarcum1127 at gmail dot com. Can't wait!!

    ...adoorraaabbblllee baby.

  2. Whaaaaaaat? How did I miss these last few posts? You're going to try gdiapers! That's great! I've got two and like them a lot. If you've got any questions, you know where to find me. :)

    Your family is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

    Also, I've been bugging Josh to rotate the tires all week. As soon as he does, I'm coming down. I'm going to try really, really hard to get him to do it this weekend. No isn't an option anymore. I feel so bad I haven't come down yet!

  3. Definitely missed this post on my reader!!!! annoying....

    okay, Avery. You are a doll. She is SO little! Do babies really come that small??? I seriously forget.

    Favorite part? hearing Max laughing in the background...he is the CUUUUUUUUTEST. Him and Brinley WILL get married :-)