Tuesday, May 17, 2011

here comes the sun

we've had intermittent sunshine the past few weeks...
but whenever those rays peak out from behind the clouds, we drop everything and go outdoors.

our double stroller has absolutely saved us and i love it!!
we've gone on multiple walks since avery's arrival + i even ventured out to the park without danny!!! it was a big accomplishment, and surprisingly, we all survived. luckily, a big flock of seagulls came to the park as well, so max was distracted from the playground {which was overflowing with children, all about twice his size!}

we've also colored with chalk a few times, watered our flowers, and last week when it was especially warm, i hauled the kids outside and we had a picnic in the front yard. it was lovely. oh, and the other day we got max his first pair of flip flops. is that not the cutest thing ever?? he loves them and tries to wear them all.the.time.

i am so SO ready for summer to be here in full swing.
after today's gloomy weather, it can't come soon enough.


  1. we bought zak some flipflops at payless, not that he's ever going to walk, but i love them so much. max looks so cute in them =)

    also, i love that stroller!! i'm going to need to get me one of those =)

  2. That stroller rocks! Is that the same one you had with just Max + an attachment? Or a whole new stroller? I'm sick of mind and want something new...