Sunday, May 15, 2011

tummy time

i don't know about your kids, but ours have a difficult time with tummy time.
actually, thats an understatement...
they HATE tummy time.

{aren't these the saddest pictures???}

lucky for avery, she has a very supportive older brother to help her through it:

once she calmed down a bit i was able to take some non-screamo pictures:

oh i could just eat her up.
crossed eyes and all :)


  1. oh my goodness this is the first time i've seen like the last 5 posts!! her little photo shot is so cute!! max looks like a great brother!! ya'll are so cute and look to be managing really well. congrats again!!

  2. That is SO funny that they both have hated tummy time! We were so lucky with Brin. She loved it right from the start. I mean, there were times that she HAAAAAATEd it but for the most part, she just wiggled and kicked!!

    Avery, you are a DOLL!!!! Max is such a cute big brother. I love that he loves her so much! Brinley really loves the little babes I watch. She loves them more than I LOVE THEM! no joke. But it gets me so excited for her to be a big sis someday...someday...whenever that will be!!