Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i'm a big kid now!

i may have said this before, but as soon as we brought avery home,
max instantly seemed ten times bigger.

he became:

more helpful>>>
{getting into the baby wipes}
more polite>>>
{signing his version of "more please"}

more protective>>>
{sitting in front of avery in our awesome double stroller}

more "child-like">>>
{sucking on his binkie...which he hasn't ever shown interest in...until now!}

...and more hairy>>>
{just look at that scraggly hair!!}

danny didn't want to part with his luscious locks, but he finally gave in and we had quite the hair-cutting party!! we bribed max with red vines, girl scout cookies, and videos on the ipod {jack jack returns in particular...} and we ended up with a semi-good looking hair-cut!! :)

{he totally looks naked in this picture...i promise he's got a diaper on!}

some spots are a little uneven, but hey! hair grows, right??
and just look at how proud he is:


  1. He IS a big boy!!!! Ummm now I want red vines :-)

    He is so cute. Is he tiny like Brinley too??? She was only 21 pounds at 18 months. She is tall, but SKIIIINNY. I think she looks perfectly proportioned. The doc didn't express any weight concerns so that's nice!!!!

  2. The Red Vines! I hope they've saved your sanity a little. I know they have saved mine... :)

    And I know what you mean about babies becoming huge when they're around newborns. Josh's sister just had a baby and my girls are monsters compared to him. It's crazy. They're practically 30 years old.

  3. i'm so happy to see you using your doubles kit! ah. i can't wait to use ours (well, i can wait. my baby is 3 months old...)

    and yes! send me an email. i'd love to share.