Sunday, October 23, 2011

general conference

where has the month gone?!?

even though conference happened a few weeks ago...we had a splendid weekend listening to the prophets and apostles speak the word of the Lord.

friday night danny got asked to speak at a "waters of mormon" relief society activity for a different ward in our stake. they went up to a big cabin and danny was assigned to talk about the book of ether for 20 minutes. here's the catch though--his time slot was at 1:00 a.m.!! we both had a really bad attitude about it up until a few days before. however, after talking to many people we started to feel better about things and danny was able to have a great time. the only downfall was that he didn't get home until he conked out in between conference sessions.

saturday morning i made this delicious recipe from our best bites. it turned out just like it said it would...we loved it. it made a ton though, so we shared the love with three of our neighbors. it was the perfect way to start off conference. and we decided that it needs to be a semi-annual conference tradition:

we also started a new little tradition...which i didn't take any pictures of! dang. i adapted some ideas i saw on pinterest and made a bag for each of the apostles. i just used sharpies + brown paper bags...nothing too fancy. i also printed off a picture of each apostle so max could identify them. {we may have had to help a little...} each time they spoke, max got to open their bag. he LOVED it. and so did we! i filled the bags with old-fashioned candy from blickenstaff's {walnetto's anyone??} and coloring pages from since this was our first time doing it, we decided that next time we will fill some of the bags with healthy treats! we got a little sick of candy by the end...

we look forward to conference every six months and were definitely uplifted and edified!