Wednesday, October 05, 2011

under pressure

my parents got me an electric pressure cooker as my graduation present:

i'm sure some of you are saying, "an electric whattt??"

let me just assure you that it's not your grandma's pressure cooker. it is completely safe to use + incredibly amazing.

i've been cooking all sorts of grains that i never knew existed
{have you heard of quinoa or kamut before??}
and i'm in love.

i attended some classes by chef brad during education week--he is awesome. if you've never heard of him before, you should really check out his website. he is in love with any and all grains and his love rubs off on all those he speaks to. seriously!

i've been adding grains to all of our favorite dishes, and the best part is...
max and danny still eat them!!

i'll be sharing some recipes with you soon,
but in the mean time, i'd love to hear if any of you cook with a pressure cooker?
or if anyone loves grains as much as i do and wants to swap some recipes?? :)


  1. I LOVE chef Brad. I have made lots of his soup recipes and they always turn out delicious because he is such a good cook. I use quinoa and have some good recipes I could give ya for that, I would love some of yours! I am trying a barley recipe this week. I have been wanting to try some more grains too, so we should exchange some ideas! Fall is such a good time for grains. Mmm.

  2. i just got quinoa at costco but haven't really known how to cook with it. please share some yummy recipes!!!