Sunday, December 11, 2011

my little sister's bridal shower

i still can't believe that alli is getting married!!! what a wonderful few months it has been :)
we absolutely love tony...and even though i'm going to miss alli tremendously when she picks up and moves to the sunny state of arizona (right after her wedding!!) it will give me a great excuse to head down to a warmer climate!

my mom and i threw her a little shower last thursday night which turned out to be a huge success.  we all had a lovely time and lots of alli's good friends came to support her.  we had delicious food, played the video-bubble gum game, and just hung out.

the spread:
{i made these mini cheesecakes and they were a hit.  make them for your next party.  they won't disappoint!}

heart-shaped veggie tray:

post-bubble gum game:

alli and her girls: 

cute avery eating blueberries:
{she loved being invited to the shower.  she was on her best behavior the entire night!}

alli and i: 

the girls in the family 
{except for bekah + her girls...we missed you!}

thanks to all who came!
p.s. you may be able to tell in the pictures...but i chopped all of my hair off!!!!
i am now proudly sporting a pixie cut!  i absolutely love it.
more pictures to come...