Tuesday, January 24, 2012

freezer meals

one of the best things is not knowing what to throw together for dinner...
and then remembering that you have freezer meals in the freezer!

a few months ago, my friends kim and jessica got together for the first of (hopefully) many freezer meal exchanges!  we started out simple the first time--we each made three of the same meals, and then swapped (so we came home with three different meals.)  the next time we each made two meals to trade + a dessert.  and the last time we did it, we each made two meals + a side.  

we've come away with some awesome meals:
soup + rolls
pizza dough + sauce
cookie dough
ice cream
mini cheesecakes
breakfast burritos (we personally love these!!)
hamburger buns + patties

for our last swap, i made:
sweet and sour chicken
shepherd's pie

granola bars

the granola bars were a hit.
among the girls, and among my little family.  i couldn't feed them to avery fast enough!
they are super yummy (the chocolate chip ones tasted like cookie bars!) and they are very healthy.
p.s. i even snuck some quinoa into the shepherd's pies!
cook the quinoa, mix it into the hamburger...and the meat stretches 3x as far!!
plus, when it's mixed in with hamburger, you can't even tell.  the textures are identical.

do you have any yummy freezer meals you'd like to pass along?


  1. I need to do freezer meals more ofte. I never remember to double the batch and save some aside to freeze. Must do next time!!!

  2. Will you post your recipes!!!