Sunday, March 25, 2012

am i dreaming??

or is my little baby girl turning ONE in just a few short weeks?!?!

avery has brought so much joy to our family.  we love her to pieces.  she is such a sweetie, but can also be pretty feisty at times :)  she loves her big brother so much and they are quite the team.  she LOVES to eat.  almost anything and everything.  i'm trying to think of which foods she doesn't necessarily like...and i'm having a hard time.  she isn't a huge fan of pasta or kiwi...other than that, she'll eat pretty much anything you put in front of her.

she enjoys looking through books and i'll often find her plopped next to a stack of books, flipping through the pages.

she claps her feet!! like a monkey.  we love it and i caught it on film so you can enjoy it too:

she is finally starting to let me put headbands on her again!  she went through a phase where the second it touched her head, she would rip it right off.  this resulted in many people asking, "how old is your little boy??"  we've stuck with it and she tolerates it now.  they usually don't last more than an hour or so, but this is improvement!


she still won't say mama :(  she jabbers a lot, and a lot of that jabbering includes words that sound a lot like "dada" but whenever i ask her to say mama, she gets a big grin and says "dada!" little stinker.

she loves her blankies and will rub them over her cheeks as she's falling asleep.  cutest thing.
she's still pretty attached to her binky, but only when she's cranky and tired.

she is sooo close to walking!!  she seems capable of walking, but she is held back by her fear.  she'll practically run while holding onto our fingers, but if we try to let one slip, she stops, flails her arms, and won't go until both fingers are firmly gripped.  silly girl.

she would spend all day outside if she could.  this has been a recent discovery.  usually when we go outside, she's strapped in the stroller.  but the other day, it was especially warm and max was napping, so she and i went outside with popsicles in hand.  i set her down on the front walk and she looked up at me, confused, and then after a few minutes she was all over the place!  getting into the dirt, eating the dirt (she loves dirt!), picking up rocks, climbing the steps, and crunching leaves in her chubby little hands.  she cried when we had to go back in.  

she sleeps on her tummy; arms and legs tucked in, with her bum high in the air.  

she has three really visible teeth on the bottom and (i think) she has three more coming in right now (one more on bottom and two on top).

we love you miss avery mae!  don't ever forget how special and loved you are.


  1. Av reminds me of my sister, she was pretty bald for awhile but had that olive skin tone that I covet! My mom was asked sooooo many times how old her little boy was lol. Even when she was head to toe in pink. Go figure. People aren't very observent I guess!!! This year has flown by! Are you throwing a fun b-day for little miss???

  2. I can't believe Avery is almost one year old!! A few of the things you mentioned remind me of Ellie ... sweet with feisty potential, sleeping on her tummy with bum in the air, good eater, book lover, able to walk but held back by fear -- that was totally ellie.

    I can't make it Wednesday :( But I hope to see you soon!