Friday, March 16, 2012

besties part three

just when i thought the trip couldn't get any did.
saturday was simply splendid :)

kyle ran his first marathon and got an incredible time: 3:05:44!!!
it was chilly (for texas) while we were waiting for kyle, but luckily jenny shared her scarf with us.  we cheered all the runners on (they printed everyone's names on their number tag.  such a good idea!) and had a great time.  not sure that this experience increased my motivation to ever run a marathon...but it sure would be awesome!


just watching kyle recover made us all incredibly tired, so once we got back to their place we grabbed our books (i re-read the hunger games!  sooooo excited for the movie!!) and headed down to the pool.  so relaxing.

we hadn't really eaten a normal meal the whole day so when we made it to pappasito's, we stuffed our faces!! table side guacamole (yummm) and fresh fajitas made going without food all day totally worth it.  

and to try and walk off some of the calories we consumed, we strolled through a half-price bookstore (while kyle, our photographer took candid shots! haha) and "the chocolate bar" (they sell everything chocolate!)

next up: sunday in houston


  1. Your short hair is ADORABLE! Perfect for you!

  2. You guys make me laugh. That last picture....oh my goodness!! What a fun, fun thing for you.

    Danny, you're a HERO for holding down the fort!!