Thursday, March 15, 2012

texas: day two

friday morning i woke up and didn't have to change any diapers...weirdest thing ever! 
(it was definitely nice for a few days, but oh how i missed my little ones!)

we slept in (after staying up much much too late) and then went to the galleria for some major window shopping :)  i scored a new belt + clutch but mostly we just played with oversized hats and dreamt of owning an entire wardrobe from lululemon.  (if only i had workout clothes from there...then i'd work out more!  hah :)

for lunch we went to fadi's mediterranean grill.
best. food. ever.
seriously, it was amazing.  i'm thinking about opening up a franchise in utah :)
they served the most delicious pita bread, and their gyro's...yummmm.
(it was fadi's that inspired me to make this pita bread.  it wasn't quite the same, but almost!)
we didn't take any pictures probably because we were drooling over the food.
they had a bunch of lebanese dishes, and i felt right at home :)

that night we drove up to the woodland's (since kyle ran a marathon there the next morning!) did more window shopping at anthro (love that store!!) and tried a new place, brio, for dinner.  everything about the night was exceptional.  the food, the scene, the company.  i love my girls!!! 
(and kyle was such a stud for putting up with us crazies all weekend!)



and wait!  there's more!
up next: day three


  1. lulu lemon is the most amazing store in the whole world. if i could afford their $80 sweat pants, i would totally buy them. and maybe work out more. or just wear the sweats haha. it looks like you had a fabulous time, i'm so jealous you got a girls week!!

  2. Looks like SO fun. I think I said this about your last post too, but it really just makesmesohappy to see you guys all together. Really, really happy.