Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i'm not sure how it all happened (it was nothing short of a miracle!) but i was able to take a girls trip to texas from march 1-6 with my besties brittany and jenny.  it was wonderful and exactly what i needed.  danny's parent's willingly watched the kids so i could go (thanks again!) and i'm pretty sure it couldn't have gone smoother even if i tried!

max and avery came with grandpa frank to drop me off at the airport so i was able to kiss them good-bye right before i took off.  i met up with britt right after and it was smooth sailing all the way to the lone star state.  one of the high-lights of the flight was being on the same plane as sister elaine s. dalton and barbara thompson!! they were sitting up in first class, but i kept joking with britt that i was going to ask the flight attendant to pass a note up to elaine telling her that i am a huge fan! :)  good thing i waited though, because i ran into sister dalton in the houston airport bathroom!!  she was just coming out as i went in, so i stopped to say hi.  she was so incredibly nice and very complimentary of me.  what a wonderful woman!

 once we acclimatized to the hot and humid weather jenny picked us up from the airport, took us on a tour of houston and then we headed to her place where she had guest bags waiting for us on the table.  talk about an awesome hostess!!  we ate wayyyy too much junk food, talked, laughed, and just tried to realize that this really was happening!!  what a dream.

once kyle got home from work we got ourselves all cow-girled up and headed to the houston rodeo!!  (and i thought the ute stampede was a big deal!)  we walked through the medical district (which is huge by the way!) to get to the train station and once we got on, i'm pretty sure brittany and i were dripping wet from sweat.  kyle and jenny thought we were being dramatic...i'm not so sure :)

there were food booths everywhere boasting "the best texas bbq" but we hurried inside the reliant stadium to get seated before the rodeo events started.  we had a great time!!  brittany taught me a thing or two about the rodeo and i got to see two new events: chuck wagon races and calf roping (i think) 
so entertaining :)

and then, after the rodeo events, they brought the stage out for:
lady antebellum!!!! 
they were amazing.

stay tuned for day two of texas tomorrow :)
there are just too many pictures to fit into one post!



    I am SO GLAD you guys got to do this. What a fun, special, wonderful thing!

    It did my little black heart so much good to see you cute girls all grown up, and still such great friends. That's pretty fantastic.

    Can't wait for day two!!

  2. This looked like it was so much fun. I'm so glad you got to do that. There is nothing like getting away with just girl friends.

  3. What is it with you and this anticipation thing? You're killing me! This seriously looks amazing. I want to go to the Houston Rodeo...and Lady A? What??? LUCKY! So much fun!