Monday, February 27, 2012


where has the month of february gone???
seriously.  time is flyying.

we been enjoying this month of love like crazy.

+ avery is jabbering more and more and it's the cutest thing ever!  i dressed her up in a little tutu and she went to town taking all of the clothes out of her drawer :)

+ max is also jabbering more and more...but on a slightly more advanced level.  he is such a goof ball.  watch the video and see for yourself.

+ we saw "the vow" (along with every other couple!)  loved it!
(after seeing the vow, we decided we needed to document our lives a little better!)

+ we hung this wax paper chandelier in the kid's room!  what do ya think??

(i made it for our room...however, we have to take down an ugly light fixture and re-wire first, so the kids get to enjoy it for now!  after hanging downstairs in our "laundry room" for the last few months, i decided it was time to make an appearance on the main floor.  i think i may need to add an additional row, because it looks a little imbalanced, but whatev.)

+ i've been getting ready for my girl's trip to TEXAS!!!!!!! woot woot.  can't wait to party for (almost) a week with my bff's brittany + jenny!!!

+ oh, and last but definitely not least...

i need to do a shout out to my amazing husband!

he got accepted into the RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Master's Program at BYU.

i couldn't be happier for him.  we definitely didn't think that he would get in, but once again, God really does hear and answer prayers!  he starts this june.  it's going to be a crazy ride, but we couldn't be more excited!


  1. jessie your dad IS my professor and my FAVORITE teacher ever!! how funny!! i never made the connection but i have him for two classes (385 & 485). so great! i have learned so much from him and am totally into "functional" fitness now. small world. i'm excited to tell him tomorrow in class. maybe he'll give me automatic A's since i know you?! ;)

    oh and ps your family is adorable.

  2. oh my goodness, his talking is so cute!! i love listening to little men talk! also,that chandelier is fabulous. love it.

    and congrats to danny!! that's awesome!!!!

  3. Wooooooo! Go Danny!!!!! So exciting!!!!

    Love those little kids of yours. Miss avery will be ONE before you know it!!!!

  4. Congratulations to Danny for getting into the program!!!! That is so exciting! So what does that mean for you all? Will you stay where you are? I can't get over how fast our babies are growing up. Avery is a doll. And such a chatterbox. It was so funny because when I first pressed play I heard Max talking and for a split second thought it was Avery and was all shocked that she could talk as clear as day at ten months old! Ha! And I loved that video of Max. He is such a stud. I especially loved 1:10 ("hi!") So cute. And Jessie... are you feeding your child basketballs? Should I be worried? ;) We miss you guys!

  5. Congrats to Danny on getting into that program..heard that one was a hard one to get into so- way to go Danny! Going to be lots of fun for everyone!
    And I had never heard of the vow so I went and watched the trailer. I went to BYUI with an older guy that had an accident and lost his memory and had to start over. He was able to stay with his wife..not sure all the details on how they were able to work through his memory loss because he said he didn't remember her. So crazy that things like that can really happen!!
    Your kids are cute and love watching your house and your children evolve and change!

  6. Congrats Danny!! That's AWESOME.

    And I just about died laughing when Max fell out of the chair, and then Avery started crying....that is exactly the kind of thing that you need to have on video!!

    And the chandelier. Whoa.

    You amaze me!!

  7. Congrats to your husband! How exciting!!