Thursday, February 16, 2012

photo dump

+ these two are quite the pair.  they love each other (most of the time) so much and it melts my heart when i hear them giggling in their room in the mornings.  (we've made the switch...max is in a toddler bed now!! woohoo!  he loves his big boy bed and we love having avery out of our room ;)

+ we celebrated cinco de mayo a little early this year...
our kids have a thing with accessorizing.  
isn't max's face the best??

+ one of ave's favorite hobbies is crawling into the "pantry" and pulling out all of the ziplock bags as fast as she can before i realize what she's doing.  one of max's favorite hobbies is seeing how high he can stack all of the cans.  together they are quite the team!

+ we made some sugar cookies with a yummy glaze from our best bites!

+ chilly, but sunny winter walks have saved us this winter!  
having a shiny red sports car has only enhanced our outings :)

+ the kids love it when daddy comes home!
and avery loves practicing to stand!

+ our baby is 10 months old today!!! craziness.
she is a busy girl and is such a sweetheart.
my oh my how i love her!


  1. oh my goodness your kids are seriously so cute. that picture with max's hat and glasses is fabulous!! we need to switch zak to a toddler bed sometime soon too, and i'm dreading it. does he stay in his bed?? how did you do it?

  2. GREAT POST!!!!!!

    I can't believe they share a room!!!! How fun though, my best memories growing up are from sharing a room with my sister and my brother (different times). I cannot believe Avery is 10 months old. Where has the time gone!????? She is so beautiful!!!