Thursday, May 03, 2012

let's go fly a kite!

one of the toys max earned while potty training was a $2 winnie the pooh kite.  he's been dying to go fly it, but as crazy as it sounds, there just hasn't been enough wind lately (our little town is always windy!)  but today when we woke up, the trees were swaying back and forth, our neighbors wind chimes were ringing, and max and i both knew today was the day :)

max caught on quick and had such a fun time running around avery and keeping his kite up in the air.  when we came in a little while later for lunch, max said "mom flying kites is so fun!"  what a little cutie.

and i can't forget about this happy little lady!  she was content sitting in the grass, munching on her snacks, and watching the kite circle above her head.

of course, maybe she was so content because she knew once we went home she would be getting her favorite treat of all as of late: honey flavored greek yogurt :)

i'd say today has been a pretty good day :)


  1. Kite flying IS so fun!!

    And that yogurt looks SO delicious!! Especially when it's worn by such a happy baby!