Monday, May 07, 2012

women's conference 2012

my dear sister alli, who moved to arizona just days after getting married, hitched a ride up to utah with a bunch of ladies from her ward who were going to women's conference.  she arrived late wednesday night and stayed until saturday morning.  it was a short + sweet trip but we had a fabulous time.  the kids and i stayed at my parents while alli was there + we all stayed up much too late trying to soak in every last minute.

thursday we attended women's conference!  it was a first for all of us and we had a great time!  thanks to my wonderful friends kim + keri i was able to make this happen.  it was a little crazier than planned since avery woke up that morning with a cough + runny nose but somehow we all survived :)  we were able to attend classes taught by sister beck's daughter, sister dalton + her daughter emi, and the richardson's.  i'm so grateful for opportunities like this to strengthen my testimony and my determination to be a better wife + mother.

friday afternoon was the annual spring festival at the elementary school by my parents.  i took max down there right before it ended and he got a pretty sweet balloon hat, which he loved!

and friday night, once the kids were in bed, we stayed up wayyyy too late talking, laughing, painting our nails, laughing some more, and enjoying our last night together.  since bri didn't want to paint his nails with us he sketched us while we painted :)  he is amazing!!  alli asked him to sketch a picture of her, tony, douglas (their dog) and it turned out great!  he is one talented guy.

we love you alli!! max is already asking when he gets to see you + tony next.  only a few more months.  can't wait!

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  1. ok, i should really figure out how to respond better than just commenting on your blog, but who really doesn't love comments right?? haha

    that's going to be so fun that you're going to SF soon! are you guys going with family or just yourselves? hopefully the weather will be nice for you when you come. i would say that ghiradelli square is a must for the most expensive/delicious sundaes you could eat. fisherman's wharf is pretty common, but it's fun to do one night or so. they have a fantastic place called fog harbor on pier 39 that might be our favorite place to get fish. little more fancy/expensive as well, but we've taken zak there and he's done fine.

    i would recommend the zoo, it's on the beach and has a train/kid area for them to pet all the farm animals and such, its pretty great. i don't know how expensive that is, because we have a pass, but i'm pretty sure you can find coupons for it. they also have the california academy of sciences, which is fun for a few hours. zak loved it. they have an aquarium in it and some other random sciencey things. =) if it's nice, i would highly recommend going to baker beach over by the presidio, you can get some super cute pictures on the beach in front of the golden gate bridge. and ummm..... man there is so much to do here, i hope that gives you some help, lemme know if you need more suggestions!

    p.s. we bought our phil and ted's explorer this past week and i absolutely love it! so does zak actually, he would rather sit underneath than in the normal seat. cracks me up. so thanks for the suggestions!! we used it in disney and it was a dream! =)