Friday, July 13, 2012

while they were eating.

i'm pretty sure i only take pictures of my kids when they are eating.  we must eat a lot.  or that is the only time that they sit still for more than ten seconds :)  either way, here are lots of recent pictures of these two crazy kids eating.

first group of pictures // string cheese on the front lawn while daddy was mowing.  

notice how reddish-orange the lighting is??  these were taken during the horrible fires surrounding our little town.  for about 3 days we had ashes floating down from the sky.  craziness.  so glad we've had some rain recently!  we need it so badly.  

but, back to the kids.  they are obsessed with string cheese (basically any cheese in general).  avery usually just chomps it down in a few bites unless she sees someone else peeling it (max) then she has to eat it that way too.  however, that sometimes causes her to gag :) you'll see what i mean in a minute...

second group of pictures // cherry cheeks

max thought it was pretty hilarious that he could stuff a cherry in each cheek:

third group of pictures // avery = our messy eater

max has always been pretty particular about staying clean while he eats.  avery is an entirely different story.  it doesn't phase her at all to be covered in food from head to toe.  i actually think she kind of likes it :)  notice in the last picture how tall she is getting!!  where is my baby going??

fourth group of pictures // squinty eyes

i'm not sure where avery picked up this little talent but she does it all the time.  she is such a goof ball.  lately, she and max seem to egg each other on and they both think they're so funny :)

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  1. These pictures are freaking HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud several times...especially at the cheese gagging.

    Your children are beautiful, and I can tell you are taking such good care of them!