Tuesday, July 17, 2012

day trip.

you know those days when all you can think to do is get in the car and drive???

last week i had one of those days.  
max was screaming.  
that blessed child woke up avery who was napping.  
then i had two grumpy kids on my hands.

i called danny and he gave me some great advice:
"drive up the canyon"
so that is just what i did!

we ended up having a fabulous time.  
it's amazing what some fresh air can do to you!
max was able to take a nice long nap on the drive (something that is a rarity these days...any tips?!?) 
and we enjoyed some snacks up at payson lake.

the kids had fun wading in the water...until avery fell in!!  she is my little dare devil!  she wasn't sure about it at first, but a few minutes later she was ready to dive back in :)  max was so worried about her though.  the entire drive home he kept saying, "avery fell in the water.  i so sorry.  avery got wet.  that was so scary."  not only that but he still talks about it.  he loves her so much and is darling with her (most of the time!)  such a sweet boy.  (notice is shirt is on backwards?  he is becoming very independent these days...)

all in all, the trip was a little longer than expected but i think it was just what we all needed.
thank goodness for the great outdoors!


  1. Cute kids!! Love Max's jeans!! So cute!

    I wish we had some place like that to drive to! I usually drive to Target and spend unnecessary money.

    1. If I had a Target closer than 50 miles (like it is!), I would probably do that too :)

  2. I had to try really really hard, but I finally thought of something that I didn't love about Hawaii...and this was it: you CAN'T drive like you can here...you can just drive in a circle (which is beautiful and wonderful too...but) There is something so nice about the open road. Glad you had a good time.