Friday, August 03, 2012

oh...the master's degree.

raise your hand if you knew how incredibly crazy, hard, and stressful our lives would become when danny started his masters.  if your hand is up...i sure wish you could have given us some type of warning :)

we really did try to imagine what it would be like to have him in class monday through thursday every week, but things like that are tricky to really envision.  whatever we thought, we were wrong.

it has been hard.  i think it's been especially hard because neither of us were exceptional students.  now that danny actually wants to be a good student we've come to realize what it actually takes.  whew!!  it's been exhausting to say the least. 

BUT next week is final's week!!!!!  so the end is in sight :)

even though our lives have been stressful lately we have managed to squeeze in some fun here and there (danny joins us when he can...)


a few weeks ago we celebrated the ute stampede!  that is a BIG deal around these parts :)  we had a good time.  danny's parent's came down and they joined us for the "mammoth" parade.  besides the horrible timing of the storm at the end, we had a great time and the kids ate enough salt water taffy to make anyone sick :)  max got his wave down and made sure to wave at every float that passed by...especially the one's with royalty :)  the kids hung out with grandma + grandpa that night while danny and i helped out at the stampede.  danny sold drinks + candy to the attendee's and i helped out in the hamburger stand.  it was fun to be with our ward + help out a good cause.

these pictures have nothing to do with the ute stampede, but our kid's definitely take full advantage of our huge front porch.  on this particular day max stripped down to his underwear (which is a common occurrence lately...) and had a blast playing in a random puddle of water.  

stay tuned for posts on our trips to boise + bear lake!

ps. we are so grateful that danny got into the religious education master's at byu.  i hope i don't ever sound ungrateful.  however, we do hope to implement better time management skills in the semesters to come to minimize the stress we've had this semester!

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  1. if it is any consolation it does get easier I promise! The first bit is hard but then you get into a groove and it becomes part of your life and routine. Good luck! it is so, so worth it- I promise!!
    p.s. it was fun to get to chat with you guys at the family reunion.