Monday, August 06, 2012

road trip to boise.

when danny was super swamped with school a few weeks ago (oh wait...he's been swamped this whole summer :) danny's parent's offered to take the kids + i up to boise with them for a little family reunion.  we took them up on the offer and had a great time!

the drive up was a little long since they were pulling their boat, but the kids did amazingly well and as long as they were eating constantly (or sleeping) we all survived.  we made it there just in time for tin foil dinners and then went to danny's grandma's house, where we stayed, to tuck the little one's into bed for the night.

the next morning we started out bright + early by heading to black canyon, a nearby lake.  it was an absolutely beautiful day and when we arrived there were only a few other boats in sight.  we spent the entire day at the lake with lots of the family.  we boated, tubed, played at the little beach, spotted a huge frog!  (can you find him on the tree trunk?), and ave took a monster nap in the pack & play (which totally saved us!)  it really was such a great day.

isn't the scenery gorgeous??  gotta love idaho.

max is totally pretending to be asleep in this picture :)

this was the first boat ride of the morning and avery was not having it.  this was right before her 3+ hour nap.  as you can see, she was ready!

max first said he wanted to go tubing with aunt missy...

then he changed his mind and wanted "pampa" to go with him...
(he is such a cutie in this picture :)

he was a little unsure a first...

but eventually warmed up to say hello...

and then ride the waves like a pro! :)

our little sleeping beauty.

i spy a gigantic frog!

max was so ready to hit the beach.  he's got his floatie, noodle, and kickboard.  what else does a little boy need??

i love my kiddos!!

i had to include both since only only child is smiling in each picture.  if i were better at photoshop i could have fooled you all :)

look at all those teeth!  and that curly, wispy hair!  she was much happier after her nap!

...but she still didn't love her life jacket...

avery can be such a little goofball.  she and max were making each other laugh through the window on the boat.  it was pretty darn cute :)

and after a day on the lake this little girl was ready for bed.  she snuggled up on this chair while we got the picnic area all cleaned up.  i don't think she moved once!

the next morning we headed to grandma's ward pioneer day activity at the church.  we got there just as they were packing up the horses but somehow grandma sweet talked the owners and max got the royal treatment :)  he was a little unsure at first but he was loving it by the end.  the horse's name was dan :)

and that night max perfected his jumping-from-the-side-of-the-pool skills.  he and grandpa frank are quite the pair.  max loves his grandpa!

check out that webbed foot :)

an attempt to get a little group shot...we'll take it!

all in all we had a great time!  we definitely missed our daddy but he was able to get a lot done while we were away.  thanks so much mom + dad for taking us with you!!

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  1. What a fun trip!!!! Looks like you all had such a wonderful time together. And you are super mom for going on a trip without your husband. I know your inlaws were there to help, but still! I am doing a trip next summer without ry next year with 2 kids to Canada and I am already stressing!!!!!!