Tuesday, August 07, 2012

bear lake 2012.

the week after we went to boise with danny's family, we packed up the car again and made the drive to beautiful bear lake for the george family reunion.  since danny wasn't quite so busy with school he was able to come with us (he did read in the car the entire time there & back!)  we arrived around 5 pm and played at a park with all of max's "cousins" (after all this time spent around extended family, he calls everyone his "cousin"...in fact, yesterday when we were at the grocery store he saw some kids and said, "mom! my cousins!"  he is silly :)  we had dinner, a talent show, and enjoyed catching up with everyone who was able to come.

the next morning we woke up bright & early and headed to rendezvous beach.  we spent the entire day there and had such a lovely day.  we got there early enough to stake out a large area (by the end of the day the beach was packed!!) and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  we spent the rest of the morning & afternoon playing in the sand with cousins, finding hundreds of seashells, playing & swimming in the water, and danny & i each got to spend some time on my uncle's boat.  i tried surfing for the first time and stood up!!  i was pretty pumped :) 

at 4 we rounded everyone up and headed over to my cousin tim's wedding on the beach...in our swimsuits!  it wasn't what we are typically used to, but tim & leda looked so happy.  my grandma was able to make it for the ceremony so it was great to see her and after the wedding, cafe rio catered dinner.  delicious!!  the kids were exhausted after another long day at the beach (we were all very sun burned...) so we headed to the condo to put the kids to bed.

once they were sleeping, danny and i had some time to ourselves so we sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the gorgeous view while eating mini oreo's.  once it got dark, the rest of the family made it back and we played speed scrabble, ate popcorn & cherries and watched the olympics!  yay for the olympics!  and yay for bear lake.  talk about a perfect ending to a perfect day :)    i'd only been once before with my bff jenny and her family so it was so fun to go back.  i'm sure we'll be back again in the near future.

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  1. LOVING YOUR BLUE SHORTS! Where are those from? Because I need a pair!

    Bear Lake is the PLACE I've heard. My sis in law's fam just did a family reunion there this summer. It looks like so much fun!