Sunday, August 19, 2012

lovely summer nights.

tonight ended up being such a perfect sunday evening.  it started out hot and muggy (inside +'s awesome not having AC!!!!) but by the time our rice krispie treats were done, a nice breeze was blowing outside so we went out to enjoy it in our beautiful yard.

the rice krispies must have done something to the kids because they were wired but oh my goodness i love to see them interact with their daddy.  

they love him.

i get to be on the sidelines, snapping pictures away and praying that nobody gets hurt :)


proof that i was actually there:
(avery came over to say hi for a second...she's so sweet :)

and more proof that our children aren't always so hyper-active :)
they do spend 99.9% of their time constantly on the go, but isn't this picture the cutest??
danny took them for a run the other day (max started out by running the first 6 blocks alongside him!) and they came back like this:

ps. we are in shock that school begins this week!!!
we've been busy getting danny's room ready for a new batch of students.
however, getting back on a normal schedule will be soo good for all of us.

1 comment:

  1. Your yard looks GREAT!!!

    And your kids are the cutest thing ever, and it's fun to see those great shots of the wild rumpus with Daddy!

    Here's to the end of a hot, hot summer and hopefully a little bit cooler fall!!