Monday, October 22, 2012

one step closer

whew!!  we survived the weekend.  we sent the kids up to danny's parents (again) so we could get a few more things done around the house, but friday morning i woke up feeling less than great.   because of that, the to-do lists didn't all get checked off.  oh well!  we did accomplish a lot and am so pleased with how everything is coming along:

+ the mudroom now has new drywall up that has been taped, mudded, and primed!!  it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful (and smooth!) wall in the house :)  we finally ended up with the right paint color saturday night but we've got a busy week ahead so i'll keep you posted as to when that actually gets done.  

+ when danny's parents were still here, his mom & i tried our hands at a little DIY.  i found this table lamp at home goods a few months ago, but wasn't crazy about the coastal fabric.  i upcycled the previous white curtains that i had hanging in the living room to cover the lampshade.  i also got some simple navy blue grosgrain ribbon and we went to town!  i followed this tutorial (even though it took us much longer than 30 minutes!) and i am beyond happy with the finished result!  thanks mom for helping!!

+ we also added an additional support to one of our curtain rods and moved our picture of christ to the other wall.  that window now looks much bigger, which is the look i was going for!  woohoo for simple changes!




  1. Look at you miss DIYer!!!!! Jealous!!!!! I want to do some projects in our place, but I'm pretty sure it is more rewarding doing projects in your own HOME because I hate decorating for our ever changing apartment living situation!! Someday....

    That lamp is stunning!!!

    You need to do a video of your home because I have no clue of the layout!!

  2. Wow I am super impressed with both of you! Love the Lamp!

  3. Jessie your house is looking SO great! I am loving all the DIY projects and progress photos! I can't wait to see the finished photos!

  4. Oh!! I LOVE the lamp! It is SO gorgeous!!