Monday, October 15, 2012

race tracks + piggytails

the house was extremely quiet over the weekend due to the fact that both kids stayed with danny's parents.  i missed my little munchkins so much but i enjoyed my time alone and tried to soak it all in.  i attended time out for women down in richfield, ut and it was wonderful.  they had amazing speakers + performers: sheri dew (love her!) jenny oats baker, emily freeman, s. michael wilcox, virginia pierce (president hinckley's daughter), etc...and i can always use a little spiritual pick-me-up!


max & ave really are quite the little team.  they love each other so much and i hope their relationship will continue to get stronger and stronger over the years.  i've got a bunch of random pictures from over the last few weeks and don't know what else to do but smush them all together in one giant post :)  enjoy!

+ ave's pigtails get me every time.  she seems so grown up!! where has my baby gone???  this particular day the kids were totally into max's racetrack and amazingly max was a good sharer!  gotta love moments like this!

+ when avery decides that she's not going to be picky (it happens every now and again, thank goodness!) she is one messy eater!! i should probably bathe her after every meal...but that would get a little excessive, don't you think?  

+ she is our rockstar sleeper and still takes a great afternoon nap (max does too, with enough convincing on our part...) as long as she's got her blankie, binky, and zulie, she is set!!

+ a few weeks ago avey came down with a nasty little bug and i've never seen her this sick her entire life!  she stayed put on the couch while i made dinner (not normal for her!) and laid pretty low the whole day :(

+ max got spoiled by grandma "nell" and grandpa chris (his nephi grandparents!) who gave him three different trucks/tractors.  he is in love and has started to get quite the imagination.  he loves to dump "dirt" into the dump truck.  how do little boys learn these things?!?

+ we scored two little umbrella strollers at a yard sale for $5 each!! can't beat that!  the kids had a blast pushing them around and they have already come in handy.

+ our little sleeping beauty :)  is this not the funniest picture??  avery loves her glasses, and somehow snuck them into bed the other night.  silly girl.

+ max probably would have slept with his sunglasses on if he knew where they were (he loses them often since he loves them so much!) but he sure does love his curious george blankie.  

+ and avery absolutely adores her daddy.  love these two.

+ and last but not least, avery's newest trick!! :)

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