Monday, May 20, 2013

the darndest things

Kids really do say the funniest things. Over the last few days, I've been trying to write down all of the funny things that Max & Avery have said.

Maxwell Scott:

A few weeks ago, we got locked out of our house (thanks to Max!) We tried every single window, said multiple prayers, and finally walked down to the Police Station. The cop was super nice and helped us open up a window that was open (but super stuck!) Then, the other day when we were going for a walk, we almost got locked out again! When we made it back inside, Max said, "Mom, was that frustrated?"

The secretary at the Seminary (Lynelle) has turned into Max & Ave's "Nephi Grandma." When one of her friends died, she told Max about it, and how she went up to heaven. A few months ago, Avery let some balloons fly up into the sky. Ave thought it was funny; Max was traumatized! 
He often will say, "One of Nell's friends died and went up to heaven. Maybe she found our balloons!"

When we were planting our garden, he was such a great helper, shoveling dirt into his wheelbarrow and dumping it into the garden. 
After a while I said, "Max you are working so hard!" and he replied with, "Yes I am!"

"Can we go to the piggy bank to get a sucker?"


"Tacos like to go in the fridge. And salsa loves it."

Avery Mae:


I gave her a big bowl of fruit, and she said "Holy cow!"

She calls milk "noke." (Max called it "nope.")

She and Max play pirates and pretend there are crocodiles everywhere. Randomly throughout the day, she'll get a scared look on her face and practically yell, "Crocodiles eat ME!!!"


She can count to 10 all by herself, and recite a scattered version of the ABC's (she hears Max sing it all day long, and has picked up on bits and pieces.)

Ave loves to do somersaults (we never taught her, but she is really good!) and the other night she started trying to do the splits! (Where she sees these things I have no idea!)


She calls flip-flops "soup-sops."


Her favorite doll's name is Penny. I had to wash her the other day because of an accident she had during her nap. When she couldn't find Penny, she looked at me and said, "I want Penny Penn in my crib right this second!" (She wasn't mad, but it was very hard not to laugh!)



  1. You are going to be SO glad that you have written these darling things down!! I love looking back over my collection of funny kid quotes.

    P.S.--Is your brother's family OK? Were they affected by the tornadoes this week? Here's hoping your OK family is OK!!!