Tuesday, June 04, 2013

a visit from alli

my younger sister alli was able to jet into town (via the provo airport!) for a week and it was such a blast to have her here! we crammed a lot into one week (and spent a lot of $$ on gas, driving back & forth!) but it was all totally worth it.

thursday: the kids & i drove with my mom to pick up alli from the airport! after a delicious dinner of sweet & sour chicken, we headed to the church for brian's "senior tribute." since danny was in class, i was flying solo...and the kids took advantage of that little fact! they were slightly crazy.

sunday: the fam drove down for sunday dinner, which is always a treat. we gave alli a tour of all the new updates, played skip-bo (alli won!), and ate way too much!

monday/memorial day: we drove back up to provo and had a picnic with my mom's family! again, lots of good food was eaten (i had to eat some gluten because my grandma makes the BEST brownies. ever.) and a fun game of soccer was played. danny took the kids and cami to the new splash pad at pioneer park, while alli & i hit up the mall for a bit (she is a great shopping buddy!)

tuesday: we tested out the brand new provo rec center (it is incredible!!!) the kids had a blast. with swimming pools, rock walls, indoor playgrounds, etc... it's hard not to wish we could move back!

ave was a monkey!! she loved the rock wall and could have stayed much longer.

wednesday: graduation day for brian! my little brother is all grown up. (a post about that will be coming soon!) we had a yummy pre-graduation dinner at my parent's (we're obsessed with good food apparently...) and stayed up a little too late eating ice cream, and visiting with alli for one last time!

by the time we came back up on thursday for class at byu, she was already on her way home to tony & douggie.

we love you alli! can't wait to see you in a few months.

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