Tuesday, June 04, 2013

mother's club social

we've lived in nephi for almost three years (what?!) and while there are a bunch of things i love about our small, quirky town...there are a handful of things that i'm not quite used to yet (like how everyone is related!!) 

anyways, because it's hard to get to know mom's: 
A) in small towns 
B) if you don't have children in school 
C) if they aren't in your ward
i decided to put together a mother's club (thanks to inspiration from melissa!) and on may 17th i held the opening social!

i didn't have the best turn-out (aka 5) but i'm hopeful that over time word gets out about how awesome it is :) because it definitely has potential to be!

thanks to jenny, rachel, lori, natasha, and stacy for coming!!!

sign-ups for the different "sub groups" and our current book club read!

the beautiful lilacs were so generously donated by my next door neighbor. thanks jan!

the spread! cheesecake bites with fruit toppings! yummmm.

the highlight for me (besides not being the only one at the party. hah!) was making our mother's club bags and pinning on the cutest pins ever. 

if you know anyone living in juab county, spread the word!! :)

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