Monday, June 03, 2013

weekend retreat

my little sister went through a phase where she watched anne of green gables almost every day for a long time. while it may have driven me slightly crazy, i love how anne talks about "kindred spirits." and because of danny's masters program at BYU we have been fortunate enough to find some! (too bad they both live in lehi!!)

a few weekends ago we got together to celebrate the end of the school year at zach's grandparent's cabin 
(have you ever heard of francis or oakley, utah?? we hadn't either. but we drove through both to get to our destination!)

it was absolutely breathtaking up there, and the fresh mountain air was just what we needed! friday night included lots of hot dogs, smores, starbursts, laughter, and children on complete sugar-highs (who wouldn't sleep!!!) once the kids were finally down, we finished off the night by watching an edited version of "argo." it was a little more intense than i was expecting, but so so good!

saturday was filled with dazed little children watching rio, more yummy food, lots of fun games (7 wonders is our new favorite game!), snowball-throwing competitions, walks along the river, a little bit of studying, and an overall wonderful day!!

can you guess which feet are max's?? someone inherited their father's toes :)

so studious.

and that is the end :) 

thanks again, zach & krista for inviting us to such a picturesque place! and thanks to garrett & karli for being so awesome! we love you both! 

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