Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the darndest things // part 2

I keep a little sheet of paper on our computer desk, and whenever the kids say something darling, I try my best to jot it down. (Though Ave is talking much more...I only remembered one of the cute things she's said recently! Next time I'll do better :) It has been such a fun thing for me to do, so here is the latest installment: 


Max spotted some boys across the street who were standing next to their dirt bikes. He was instantly  very intrigued. After a few minutes of them not moving, Max said: "Mom, when are they vrooming??"

"Dad! Ave said she doesn't like dogs."
Turning to Ave: "Yes you do silly mister!"

"Mom, we should buy a bowling ball sometime. I just love them!"

(our local movie theater plays a free movie for the kids every wednesday during the summer. we tried it out two weeks ago for "Wreck-It Ralph" and it was fun...while the popcorn lasted! then, miss. avery had other plans :)

Usually, when the kids play in the tub together, there is lots of squabbling and arguing over whose toys are whose. But the other day, they shared! And Max said, "Ave, I appreciate it. You're such a good sister." It was the sweetest moment!!

Max has started showing a lot of interest in prayers lately and it has been so fun to hear him pray. (He always wants to do it by himself). Without fail, sometime during the prayer, he will say, "Please bless that our blessings can be beautiful."


Other favorite lines from some of his prayers: "Please help me get boots for winter...in fourteen years." (where does he think of this stuff?!)

He really really wants a baseball mitt and we've talked about how he can earn it by doing his jobs every day. The other day, while Avery was saying the prayer, he kept whispering (in a very loud whisper) "Bless that Max will get a baseball mitt!"

The kids have been struggling at dinner time to eat enough to fill their tummies. It has been a constant battle!! We've tried talking with Max about how he needs to eat so he can run fast when he plays soccer (and/or baseball, football, golf...he wants to do it all!). Tonight at dinner, this was mentioned in the prayer: "Please help me eat a lot of food so I can grow big and strong like Daddy. But that my helmet and gloves will still fit." (He is obsessed with those things!!)

Whenever we stay over at my parents, Max gets to sleep under the stairs. (He loves it!) The other night, when Danny was tucking him in, he asked him what he was going to dream about. This is the conversation that followed:

Danny: "Are you going to dream about Jesus?"
Max: "No, about Cami" (my little sister)
D: "But Jesus did so much for us. What if you dream of Jesus and Cami?"
M: "Yeah, Jesus made the earth!"
D: "Yeah."
M: "And he made Christmas. And doors. How did he make doors?"
(They talked about the door making process for a bit...)
M: "And he made water, and dogs, and cats, and bunnies, and squirrels, and reindeer, and the sun, and horses." :)

The kids are constantly having races with each other. They'll line up, and say "Ready, set...GO!!!" and take off to their determined finish line. Danny and Max were talking about running one day and how important it is in sports:

Max: "You gotta run a lot when you play baseball."
Danny: "Do you think it helps to be fast?"
M: "Yeah!"
D: "Are you a fast runner or a slow runner?"
M: "I'm a fast runner. I'm a really fast runner!"


The other day, while passing Thanksgiving Point, Max spotted the T-Rex on the dinosaur museum. His new favorite show is Dinosaur Train, so he shouted out: "There is a Tyrannosaurus Rex! T-Rex!" Then Avery chimed in, "T-Rex!!! I love you!"

^^ This is what happens when Miss. Independent gets her hands on the salsa jar!! ^^

^^ She is such a great little helper! Notice how her flip-flops are on the wrong feet with two toes in between?? That's how Ave rolls. ^^

^^ She has a major crush on her daddy and talking on the phone to him is probably the highlight of her day! ^^

Oh how I love my sweet little kiddos!!

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