Thursday, December 05, 2013

halloween in sugarhouse

i had every intention of posting these pictures before thanksgiving...but our november turned out to be slightly chaotic & stressful. so here they are, over one month late!

everyone (local) was able to meet up at tim & kristina's for a halloween bash and it was such a party! the kids looked adorable in their costumes (cowboy and indian princess, in case you were wondering :) and though they didn't last in them for very long, we did manage to get a few decent pictures.

tim made some delicious pumpkin chili, we decorated pumpkins with tattoos (genius!), frosted sugar cookies, had a pinata (thanks for the tutorial, meagan!!), made "witches brew," played pin the spider on the web, and ate wayyy too many treats & cheetos. 

all of the cousins got a chance at the pinata...except for julia. max has quite the arm! :)

it was definitely a halloween party to remember.

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