Saturday, February 22, 2014

do you want to build a snowman?

danny & i haven't seen frozen yet (are we the only ones left on the planet??) but we're extremely familiar with the soundtrack (ave is constantly found singing & dancing to "let it go"). after looking at these pictures again, i couldn't help but think of the famous "do you want to build a snowman" song. on this particular day, that is exactly what max and avery wanted to do :)

there are a few things that i am far from embracing and one of them includes playing out in the snow. i really don't like to get cold & the time involved in getting ready/clean-up, etc. is just really not appealing to me. 

however, snow is absolutely magical to my children (of course!) and after almost a month of no snow in january (crazy!!) i decided to bite the bullet and seize the day.

// that right there is pure joy + happiness + excitement. i love him! //

// how lucky am i to get to call these two mine?! //

it ended up being a pretty magical afternoon.

that is, until max came running in after we had gotten all of our cold + wet clothes off and warmed up inside yelling, "santa tipped over!!!" (santa is the name he gave to our snowman). who knew you had to balance snowmen so well?! ;)

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