Tuesday, February 11, 2014

max meets picaso

max has this "thing" where he wants to save & cling onto every single piece of paper/artwork that he has ever completed in his lifetime. it was cute at first...but after finding papers allllll over the house i knew something needed to be done. 

a few weeks ago we sat down and went through each one of those papers and took pictures of his favorites (which meant almost all of them!) and i promised to make a little book out of the photos we took. (i still need to do this! any suggestions?)

ever since that activity (which took all morning!) max likes to document all of his creations and i'll often find him with the camera strapped around his neck, snapping a picture of something he's done (legos, playdoh, wedgits, etc...) he's a funny one :)

i've got at least fifty more pictures, but these are some of my favorites. he really is such a little artist and loves any type of creative activity. 

a bear and his cave // the most colorful batman you've ever seen! i love how he uses such a variety of colors!

a bunch of guys playing every sport imaginable // one of the many robots that max has drawn...he went through a phase a few weeks ago :)

a very cute & colorful turkey from preschool // a centipede!! adorbs.

for christmas the kids got a sweet shoppe playdoh set, complete with itty-bitty molds to make all sorts of "chocolates & candies." it really is the cutest. the kids (and i!) have had a blast playing with it, and of course, our little documenter has caught all the action on camera:

before these pictures beautifully arranged on his plates, he took pictures of each individual item :) this method was slightly more effective!

he was particularly proud of these brown "suckers" he made!

we thought the garlic press would make a fun playdoh tool...we were right!! // avey is such a cheeseball :)

another favorite christmas gift: wedgits! (max requested these pictures :)

and lastly, a few more gems i just found on the camera from my budding artist:

pretzel letters! max was very proud of these letters he created out of his snack.

and i'll leave you with this last one. he's even got to document his playtime with dinos & dump trucks! i sure love that little guy:

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