Thursday, May 15, 2014

avery turns three!

I'm not going to lie, Avery's birthday was somewhat of a #momfail. It snuck up on us with Graham's birth, my birthday, conference, Danny's birthday, and spring it was definitely on the low-key side. But! Despite the lack of presents, we spent the day together. Hopefully that counts as something?! Grandma Nell saved the day & brought her darling new jammies & incredible Easter baskets and that night, we had our annual ward auction where she was able to eat her weight in treats. Next year I vow to do better!

Danny found Princess tattoos at the store...they were a giant hit! And both Max and Avery were covered in Princesses for days.

Ave loves Grandma Nell!!

Avery is such a joy to have in our family! She is smart, brave, loves to dance & sing, looks up to both of her brothers, and has the most contagious laugh! She will talk your ear off if you let her and has such a great vocabulary. We can't believe she's just turning three (we've had people ask us for the last year when she's turning four!) she's quite mature for her age. We actually get asked all the time if Max & Ave are twins! She loves to imagine all sorts of things, and loves to be read to. She's great at pointing out letters that she knows as we drive, and her favorite show is Super Why. Her absolute favorite movie is Frozen and I'm pretty sure she's got the entire thing memorized. She loves to pray, and the second we get to church she wants to know when it's time for Nursery. She is dramatic, and sassy, and I'm slightly scared for her teenage years :) but we wouldn't have her any other way!!

Happy third birthday Avery Mae!!
We'll love you forever.

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