Sunday, June 29, 2014

a day on the lake

On Friday the 13th we went boating with Danny's parents and some of their friends. It's always interesting going boating with a newborn because, at least my newborns, hate to wear a life jacket! But somehow we survived :) It was a beautiful day & the kids behaved themselves. After a few hours out in the sun, Avery threw a pretty epic tantrum (and I thought she was just tired...) but on our way home, she threw up ALLLLL over. (Happy Friday the 13th!) When we got back to Danny's parents, both of my boys were sleeping like logs, so I was able to get Avery cleaned up, bathed...and then right after I got fresh jammies on her, she threw up again! I think she set a record and lost it about 10 times. Poor girl!! I'm still not sure what happened, because after a rough, rough night, she woke up feeling good as new & none of us ever got sick (thank goodness!) 

I blame it on the day :)

Thanks again Mom & Dad for letting us tag along! Besides getting sick, we had a wonderful time! Let's do it again. In Powell!!

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